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K20z3 with e153 trans. In ford probe

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Hi all, first post on this forum.
I've been learning about cars and trying to do a different build. I ended up choosing a k20z3 with a toyota e153 5 speed transmission. I had a couple questions. I have read that to use k pro, I need a 02-04 rsx type s harness and ecu to k pro. Will this cause interference with my 5 speed?
Is there another harness I can and should use. Or should I try and use a different SDS all together? Any advice would be helpful on the engine front, as I'm no expert with Honda engines..
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on KPro you can omit the speed sensor signal, but you will lose some functionality such as boost by gear or increased rolling idle. Nothing serious.
You can adapt non Honda speed sensor signals, though.
there is no interference as such.
The GB is a very sturdy manual transmission from the MR2 turbo and can take serious power/torque.
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