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Ok, long story. I bought an 06 si Transmission that had been swapped into an EP3 case on here with ~40k miles. I used it for a year with a K20A3 motor, and thinking back, I may have been experiencing the issue back then.

A year later I swapped in a K24A2 and changed to stiffer motor mounts. Almost immediately, the growl I heard with the A3 motor was very obvious.

The transmission makes a growl/meshing noise when I coast in gear. It goes away when I engage the clutch. To make things more annoying for me, I just had it rebuilt because Autofair Honda agreed with me that this it's likely bearing noise. So I dropped the transmission, and had them rebuild it.

All the bearings were replaced, even the differential carrier bearings. It STILL makes the noise on decel. I assumed, since the tech actually looked at the components and decided the diff bearings should be replaced that he'd inspected everything. Apparently, whatever is causing the noise got past him.

Assuming the transmission was swapped correctly, because if it wasn't I assumed the tech would notice, what else could it be??
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