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K20Z3 swapped Ep3

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Ok i was searching and searching so far i know that the shifter mechanism need to be changed and add a speedo gear on the diff. Also change the throttle body to a wired one. Is there anything else need to do the swap???:confused: Has anyone done this swap and if so what kinda problems did you run into swapping out engine/tranny
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You got it covered.:up:

If you want to skip swapping out the speedo gear you can go with the dakota speedo converter. The process is a sticky on the trans section.
Ok yea i seen that where you can do that as well. But i would like to try to keep everything functioning as stock as it is in the ep3 as much as possible. Do i use the alternator on the k20z3 or the k20a3? I read somewhere on a forum that you have to shim the k20a3 one with washers for it to line up right. Is this true? Also the shifter do i have to notch it out for reverse due to the 6 speed?:confused: Does anyone have a good link i could check out on the swap?
Has nobody done this swap?
All the info you need is on Ephatch.

You will likely not need to notch the shifter unless your car is an early 02 model. The alternator I am not sure about, but try it out! Shimming with washers isn't the end of the world.
i used the stock alt, ac, etc from my a3 onto my k24. I know you are going z3 but shouldn't be a difference on that part of the swap.
thanks i try ephatch. If anybody else has any info please drop a line.
Just curious. Why did you deiced to go with a z3 instead of a a2 or a k24 at that?
Because he probably got it for a deal??or maybe he wants the LSD Z3 tranny n RBC manifold.. z3 swap is a bit hassell cos of all the mods u hv to do on the tranny but for its LSD n awesome gear ratio? It is worth it
Old news but I decided to go k24a2. I like having the extra 30 wtq anyday.
wish i had saw this earlier.. i had a Z1 in my car, everything from the a3 went over and worked fine. as far as the trans went i just used an 02-04 case with the 4.7fd and LSD
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