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thanks signalpuke for letting me post. I have a bunch of leftover stuff that i dont need anymore so here it is. Also, whoever buys the pistons and/or rods should get new rings and rod bolts but ill throw them in the box if they're desired. Springs and retainers have like 100 miles on them. pistons and rods came out of an engine with about 19,xxx miles on it. the motor had a bent rod which is why theres an odd number of valves and pistons
k20z3 valves (7 intake valves and 7 exhaust valves) - 125 OBO
k20z3 pistons and rods (3 of each) - 250 OBO
skunk2 pro series valvesprings - 190 OBO
skunk2 titatnium retainers 170 OBO

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