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K20z3 Leaking coolant from the front of the block.

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Hey guys, just spent the last week replacing all of the cooling components on the face of my k20z3. (Thermostat, thermostat housing, heater pipe, and thermostat to intake manifold pipe)
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Unfortunately it still leaks from what seems to be behind the thermostat housing, what else could be leaking back there? Water pump? Cracked block? Anyone have a similar issue?
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Note that it only leaks when I drive, no leak during pressure test or at idle. That’s what stumps me.
You sure it’s not coming from your radiator and getting blown on the front of the block?
I know this is a pain but you need to clean the area again to verify and report back.
I had the same exact issue on my k20. Coolant seeping from a micro-crack on the block itself. I ended up replacing the motor with a k24
1 - 5 of 5 Posts