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Bought the car yesterday and on the way home from purchasing the car turned off on the highway. Oil light came on and fuel pressure dropped to zero (even when trying to crank the motor). Car will not shift into gear properly and won't start. KPro V3 will not connect as it isn't showing car is in the "On" position.

I'm thinking this is a wiring/ECU issue but am not certain. The fuel pump is not getting power (no sound) when turning the key into ON position. Wiring seems to be done poorly on the car from what i can tell.

PRC ECU with Hondata Kpro professionally tuned Sunday April 19th. Tuner is wanting me to drop to the car off.

Car made 23x whp and the motor is healthy from what the Tuner and previous owner have told me.

Motor is K20Z3 complete swap.

Any theories as to what the issue may be are appreciated.
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