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k20z3 ek speed cut at 6k

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i have a k20z3 swap in my ek and i'm getting a speed cut at 6000 every time and heres my set up.
swap header
type s throttle body
short ram intake
everything else is stock i am not running kpro at the moment i'm running a PRC ecu
also do not have vss hooked up
fuel pressure is at 54
i have the primary 02 but i don't have the secondary.
car idles at 1400 after warming up
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Today it let me pass 6 k but I do have cel one for electrical overload one for the secondary 02
Im running a integra type r ecu PRC
alright so i found that if i hold the rpm at around 5500 rpm i can take it up past 6 still have no idea what is causing this.
Well the thing is i don't have vtec at the moment because of my speed sensor.
So i'm guessing i'm just going to have to get kpro to fix the problem . At least the price went down !!!
yeah that's for sure thanks man i will stop by Auto zone sometime this week and btw what is the oil pressure level supposed to be at for a k20z3?
well i was planing on getting a S2000 cluster. I saw on here there was something you could use at radio shack for $5.00 to convert the frequency on the vss . but it would only work on kpro .
Yeah thats the thread I was talking about really want to try that out.
1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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