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K20z3 DC DD build...every part you need and walk through!

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I'll keep this list at the beginning of parts used up to date so theres no more question of what is really needed with the z3, sometimes referred to as the most difficult of the K20 swaps because of the DBW throttle body, CannBus system, and other things that well get into during the thread.

Required (Or something similar of a different brand)
K20z3 out of a 06 Civic SI
K20z3 Trans out of an 09 Civic SI
K20z3 Starter
K20a2 Throttle Body with sensors
K20a2 Engine Harness and Charge Harness
K20a2 Intermediate Shaft and mounting bolts
K20a2 Alternator
OBX Throttle Body Adapter
Chase Bays Clutch Line
Hybrid Racing Swap Harness
Hybrid Racing Tucked Fuel Line Kit
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Hybrid Racing K20z3 Swap Shifter
Hybrid Racing K20z3 Swap Radiator Hoses
Hytech Replica Stainless K-swap Header
Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge
Aeromotive 15606 ORB-6 to -6AN Adapter x3
Vibrant Intake Filter
Vibrant 90 degre Intake Tube
Vibrant Stainless Steel Worm Clamps
Vibrant 2.5" to 3" Reducer Coupler

Optional Stuff:
AP1 Cluster with Pigtails
Glowshift DC2 twin gauge cluster
Hybrid Racing K20z3 Oil Cooler Hoses
Hybrid Racing 06 Civic SI Shifter Bushings
Autometer Sport-Comp II Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Sport-Comp II Water Temp Gauge
Karcepts Cruise Control Delete Kit with GSR Cable
91-95 MR2 Electric Power Steering Pump
Perma-Cool Power Steering Cooler Kit
Tyco V23232-A0001-X003 12V Diode Surpressed Relay
Rebuild trans with newest Honda gear set to prevent 2/3 synchro going, new 2/3 synchro, new 3/4 synchro, new axel seals, and new TOB fork seal
OEM Honda Water Pump: 19200-RBC-013
OEM Honda Thermostat: 19301-RAF-004
OEM Honda Timing Chain: 14401-PNA-004
OEM Honda Tensioner: 14510-PRB-A01
OEM Honda Head Gasket: 12251-RBC-004
OEM Honda Spool Valve Assembly: 15810-PRB-A03
OEM Acura RDX Injectors/Clips:
ACL Race Main/Rod/Thrust Bearings
3/8ths Vac Plug for Idle Air Assist Bypass
3/8ths NPT Plug for Idle Air Assist Bypass
Walbro 255 In Tank Fuel Pump
Walbro Fuel Pump Install Kit
DEI Reflect-A-GOLD Tape
Exhaust Manifold gasket
Front Main Seal
Rear Main Seal Kit
Accessory Belt Auto Tensioner
Fuel Injector O-Ring Set x 3 for an extra pair
Valve Cover Gasket Set
Valve Stem Seal Kit
Oil Pan Gasket
AEM Power Alternator Pulley

Wire Harness/Sensor Layout/Sensor Pinnouts - Page 1
Fuel - Page 1
AP1 Cluster - Page 1
Water - Page 1
VSS Wiring - Page 2
Harness De-Pinning - Page 2
Radiator Cooling Fan Wiring (as per FlackoNAEG's request) - Page 3
Inector and Injector Clip Differences - Page 4

I got the K20z3 for a rediculously good price from a Honda dealership that pulled it due to a bad water pump that potentially could have blown the headgasket. Since these are usually things I look at and replace during my swaps, no problem.

I decided to clean it up a little bit just so it wasn't so dirty when I was trying to see what I had to work with:

The K20z3 trans I got from another dealership that pulled it due to the 2/3 syncro being bad. As anyone knows this is very common on these transmissions. Again, I always have my transmission rebuilt before swaps, so no biggie. I actually just got an update from the place I take all my transmissions to (Probuilt Transmission in Bulter PA) that they were going to be throwing in the revised Honda gearing and syncro that was released to address this issue. It'll set me back $795 bucks to rebuild it, but the way I see that is I now have under a grand in a completely rebuilt and known good z3 transmission. Well worth it to me.

Now that my basis was down it was time to start getting the swap materials together.
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Absolutely LOVE threads like this man! Keep it up, so in depth, jsut the way I like it :)
Wicked write up!!!!

So much to read so much info!
I may have missed it but I'm just wondering with the electronic VSS wired into the k20a2 harness with the voltage regulator does it provide the same signal as a mechanical VSS?
heya, spoke to a friend of mine last night. The TPS voltage is 5v, yellow with blue stripe
Just another option.

I'm about to check voltages on my setup, extend and repin the connectors and see if my speed sensor works.

Ek4 VTi-R/ SiR - K24a3 with the Tsx transmission, magnetic speed sensor.
02-04 K20a engine harness, repinned at the ECU connectors to suit the 05 - 06 haltech (k20z3) platinum plug in pro.
1 - 3 of 71 Posts
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