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Like the title says...

Last year we were supposed to built a K20 for our race car but finaly we went with a K24.

The K20Z1 motor is complete except for the throttle body.
Comes with the starter, alternator, oil pan, complete assembled head, oil pump, all the chains and guides etc... Ive disassembled the motor myself so everything is packed in a few boxes. NO tranny. Any average mechanic can built this engine. I would do it but I dont have the time and I would keep it but no car to put it in.

The block is already honed and bored so save $$$.

Comes with brand new OEM bolts for the head.

Wiseco Hytech specs 12.5 : 1 pistons, bought from John directly.

IB lightweight teflon coated rods.

IB teflon coated crank

Hondata IM gasket

2750$CAN so you save a LOT !! ( Around 2200$US )

shipping need to be discussed.

contact me by email or PM.
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