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To All:

I would like to make 450 hp on Pump gas, and have a very dependable low maintenance engine. This will be used for road racing or track days, in a very light car (1300 .lbs). So it's very important to have a VERY smooth transition into full boost.

Which Exact Engine series should I look at (K20xx or K24xx) what companants would I need to accomplish this task.

What should I expect to pay for a nice build like this?

If you have any specific builders in mind, please email me.

Here is the specs on the car I'm looking at putting this in:

Here are some pictures of the Car's Engine bay as to whether or not it would fit easily.

Also, I need info on a transmission to handle the power. Which one and what mods would I need to make everything last.

The car is VERY light so I don't expect the weight of it to make things wear out fast, I need comptable componants with known backgrounds when working together.

Also I know there are some controllers that limit boost when someone is trying new things, or teaching someone to drive so they don't kill themselves. Which controller do you like.

Give me your best shot,

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ty O'Neal

I am not opposed to already built slightly used engines as long as they are in excellent shape.
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