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I have looked around but cannot seem to find much information that I can adapt to what I would like to know, so here goes.

I am collecting a K20A6 from a EDM Accord next week. It's still on the subframe with everything else attached and I'll basically make my money back and more just by selling those parts, so it's a free engine. I will be using it initally as a dummy tall block for designing engine mounts to fit the engine in to my Nissan 200SX and also designing an adapter plate to bolt up a BMW gearbox.

Once I am done with all this I can either sell the engine on, or if it's worth it, use the bottom end as base for a turbo build?

I would be replacing the rods and pistons, but I am not sure if there are any differences with the bottom end itself compared to an A2 - and then if an A2 cylinder head would bolt straight on?

I am well aware of the other things that need doing and I won't be aiming for more than 400bhp - so in a sense, quite conservative numbers in comparison to some builds. I want to build it with longevity and reliability in mind so plan to stud/peg the tops of the cylinders as a way of cheap reassurance. Other things would be an F20C oil pump which I managed to grab for a steal through ebay.

Has anyone else used a less performance oriented base engine for a performance build around here?

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Well I went ahead and bought the engine anyway!

The whole lot for £80 (~95USD) wasn't bad I thought. Then I sold the gearbox for £70 (~85USD) so I basically have an almost free engine! If I sell any other bit this should see me in profit, and there's plenty to sell!

While this was going on I happened to be browsing eBay and found a complete K20A2 cylinder head about an hour from me. I put a bid on it and won it for £116 (~140USD) which I was super happy about.

Then the Friday just gone I stayed on at work and got the engine off the subframe and stripped down to a tall block:

Now it's just a case of working out my priorities, ie what I can do for free/low cost while I save up for the good bits! If anyone was wondering, that's a GT86 under the cover in for a fully TIG welded roll cage. When complete it will have a 700bhp+ SR20VET - I tried to convince the owner to K swap that too but he's old school!

My current plans are:
-GT Automotive 282 in/ex camshafts
-Valve spring/retainer upgrade (not sure what brand yet)
-Mild port if I can do this myself
-BMW E92 ITBs - I had a set before but sold them for over double what they cost me - they're going up in price but worth it
-ND Tuning equal flow inlet plenum (link)
-Custom mid mount turbo manifold with an eBay GT35, maybe something a little smaller
-Eagle K20 rods
-Standard crank, maybe knife edged
-Standard A6 pistons - they're 9.8:1 so should be great for a turbo build
-F20C oil pump - I won one on eBay for £50 (~60USD) so why not
-Block studs/pegs/reinforcement just for future proofing/boost reliability
-King Bearings throughout

I also have a BMW 530D 6 speed trans I will be developing an adapter plate kit for - I hate that KMiata charge so much for their stuff when they don't have to. As with every other part of this build if I can do it myself I will. Speaking of which, I was looking at water pump and upper coolant relocation plates yesterday and these are both things I will be able to produce for next to nothing myself!

Forgot to mention, my friend is building a RWD K20 EG hatch at the same time so we will probably build near identical engines :D
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