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I would like to add that the k20a2 prb oil pump is good to 9,000 rpm. Does it need to be taken to that rpm typically, no. The oil will cavate

the k20a3 rsx base is the same oil pump as the k20a2 types oil pump. PN# 15100-PRB-A01.

the 2002-2005 k20a3 Honda Civic Si has a different oil pump PN# 15100-PNE-013, which revs to 7200rpm-8,000rpm max. a balancing shaft style

the 2009 k24z3 (tsx) and Accord oil pump PN# 15100-R40-A02 balancing shaft style

04-08 K24a2 oil pump PN# 15100-RAA-A02 balancing shaft style

2006 Honda Civic SI K20z3 PN# 15100-RAA-A02 balancing shaft style

The K20a Euro R has two different oil pumps that vary in price considerably - PN# 15100-RBC-016 & # 15100-RAC-006. The design looks just like the balancing shaft styles. This engine does 8600rpm.

Of all the oil pumps the PRB oil pump seems like the simplest design period that requires less moving parts to operate. Basically one single gear style internal, which wears over time and can be services easily. The prb is the hot choice for performance oil pumps.

Since the Euro R K20a uses a similar design than the rest means the other oil pumps are not a bad design, maybe not as rpm friendly that we openly know as the better oil pump. My question for your thread is what makes the Euro R design rated similar.
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