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The Honda Ep3 Si motor (k20a3) does not have oil squirters, and the oil cooler the K20A2 has.

Of course, the internals are different... different crank, pistons, rods, even bearings....

But like the B series, many engine builders remove the oil squirters so if you are planning to sleeve the K block, the A3 block could be an alternative.....

If you decide to use it to make a poor man's K so to speak... you will end up with a low compression no oil squirting kind of motor... Of course that can be taken care of with an appropriate gasket and so on...

The good thing about the K is that there is no need to drill for VTEC anymore... Although there are different kinds of VTEC....

The K24A block has the same kind of iVTEC as the k20a2 so the frank makes sense as far as compatibility...
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