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Hi Folks.. By way of introduction, I am Arsh all the way from Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean). There are only 4 DC5's across the island and am one of the lucky owners. Well, many people do own K Series through Accord models. However, the mecanos here are not well versed with K Series.

Well, to start, my DC5 is from Japan Type iS (I guess same base model as rsx). It comes with a 5 Speed Sportshift transmission box with black plastic intake manifold making about 150hp stock i guess. Let me give an overview what set up I actually have and what set up am looking for.

Actually has:

4-2-1 headers
2" piping
Remus Exhaust
Air filtre - HKS
ECUmanagement system "Emanage Ultimate"

My project is to push the K20A3 to above 200hp through the following setup and i need expert advise to execute same at my end.

I have ordered the following from UK (Project):

1. Full TypeR Head with intake manifold
2. TypeR fuel rail and injector
3. K20A2 crank and pulley
4. K20A2 stock rods
5. New ACL bearings (yet to be purchase)
6. K20A2 water pump
7. K20A2 oil pump and chain (I guess i wasted my money here as i have learned that they are the same)
8.K20A2 oil cooler filtre
9. K20A2 Windage plate
10. K20A2 Oil Pan (Still deciding whether I can save money here)
11. JE Forged Pistons and rings


1. 6 Speed Non LSD Transmission Box
2. Slave and master cylinder
3. Stock Clutch and flywheel
4. Buddy Club Short Shifter
5. Shifter cables (brackets and bolts are yet to be purchase)
6. Pedal Set
7. Mounts and Flywheel cover

Well, I am about to receive my first container on 8th of August which has the engine parts. The transmission is arriving by mid of September 2013 (Via Ship-45 days).

Before breaking my engine, I wanted to get some advise from expert members from this forum. Please bear in mind that it costs me 3 times what is acutally costs in UK and US (due high customs charges and shipping). So please don't fire me on stuff like you could have get new items. Its very costly.. All items purchase are checked and verified by a friend in Uk who is a mecano (plus i have to pay him his commission:huh:).. I want to know what items according to you is missing to complete this build and how can i save some money is building this engine with whatever resources i have got.. We don't get DC5 parts in Mauritius, so everything has to be ordered from outside.

Thank you.


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I originally wanted to do a head swap only.. But then slowly changed mind to make a k20a3 itself a beast.. Full engine would hv cost me more in terms of weight for shipping and high custom charges on full engine.. Any idea what am I missing on parts or what issues I might encounter to execute this swap plz?
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