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Hey guys having an issue new member here just put a k20a3 in my 01 em2 car started and drove fine all day drove ten minutes to my fathers house car sat for about an hour or so went to start up had a rough start and idled rough for a couple seconds then went back to normal drove back home sat for 30 min had a rough start and rough idle a couple seconds drove to a friends 5 min away got there then wanted to show the finished project to a couple friends wouldn’t start had to go home and get my truck and trailer
It cranks fine has fuel checking for spark ASAP but it will crank and seem like it wants to start but then won’t

i have kpro v2
have been watching temps religiously while driving just won’t start now

any ideas idk why I’m kinda thinking head gasket And a combustion leak any ideas

just a young kid and his first k swap
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