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K20A2 without LSD??

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How well does the K20A2 launch without LSD? Does it spin like crazy? I am putting a K20A2 in my 94 Civic Coupe and I am afraid how it will react to not having LSD. I had a 95 Civic Coupe that I put a H22A in and all it did was spin b/c of it not having LSD. The only reason I ask is b/c the K sits on the opposite side as the D,B,F,H and puts more weight on the passenger side tire and the driver should equal the weight on both front tires. So do I really need it b/c I don't want to make the same mistake again?
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Well I'm in process of collecting parts and I made it a point to find a tranny with an lsd. I wouldn't go to all the trouble of putting in a k swap into my car and not having an lsd to plant that power to the ground. Yes, you should have one.
Looks like I"m going to need one of those knobs as well. :dance:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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