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K20A2 without LSD??

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How well does the K20A2 launch without LSD? Does it spin like crazy? I am putting a K20A2 in my 94 Civic Coupe and I am afraid how it will react to not having LSD. I had a 95 Civic Coupe that I put a H22A in and all it did was spin b/c of it not having LSD. The only reason I ask is b/c the K sits on the opposite side as the D,B,F,H and puts more weight on the passenger side tire and the driver should equal the weight on both front tires. So do I really need it b/c I don't want to make the same mistake again?
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I'm running 195/60/R14 Falken Azenis with a Quaife LSD and 5.062 FD. I can't imagine the car without the LSD. I break the tires loose in 1st and 2nd gear everytime I open it up. I need some stickier tires for the street. With a stock FD, you should be in a lot better shape. Like RC000E said, hitting the corners with an LSD is something to experience...It's fun as shit!
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