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yes i know the differences between base rsx and ep3. the engine i have is the ep3 Si. are the main journals of the A3 and A2 the same though? will an A2 crank fit in an A3 block without modification? im assuming yes and only the rod journals are different. cause like i said , the bearings between the 2 engines are different. hopefully just the rod bearings are different and the mains are the same.

maybe thats what ill do , get my hands on a type S crank , and than ill have pretty much an A2 bottom end minus the squirters , which you dont need for forged internals anyways so.

any and all insight welcome. thanks guys. summer is coming quick , lol.
correct, the cranks are direct swappable, provided you use new bearing colors because the charts are different from grooved bearings to flat bearings (a3 to a2), the ranges are cmopletely off and shoudn't be mixed, as when you mesure them, you can mesure the grooved from the lower grooved part vs the flat/top end.....

see your service manual or qualified local k-series expert for more information. LMFAO..

ps squirters are also used because of the difference in ring packs, a3/a2 etc and oil control rings, failure to use them, will also accelerate bore wear, compared to use with them, also the pressure drop is also minimum.

if you wanted a built k20a turbo block you could just send me some money and i'd give ya the one wrapped and sealed on the stand and save you some hassle... LOL...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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