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nikos said:
No... he means adding a 3 lobe style cam/valvetrain no a non type s style head...

basically making a a3 or a4 into a vtec head

In theory it can be done with machine work. Someone I spoke to on the phone a while back told me that it looks possible but never asked him about it again,... I guess I can remind him and see what he has done since then.
yep- thats what i meant, sorry for the confusion.

I ran into a kid awhile back that said a friend of his supposedly had done it and all that needed to be done was to clearance a few spots on the exh side to fit the extra rockers

dunno if thats bs or not tho...

I'd really like to get a definite answer on this, I got a spare K24 head laying around and I'll bet that sooner or later I'll come across a cracked/warped/otherwise f*d up rsx-s/tsx/dc5r head for piss cheap- especially since I have a couple friends that work at local Acura dealers :D

lmk if anybody's got any info
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