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k20a2 swap

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hey does anyone know roughly how much a crate k20a2 is? im thinking about putting it in my si
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i got mine at ask for randy tell him wesley sent you. from s.c. i piad 4400 shipped and they gaurantee everything. TEAM OCTANE first one in s.c.
everything except the hasport motor mounts ,hasport headers .and the aem feul rail , oh yeah and the hondata ecu , lol supafly do you remember me from s.c im the guy that called you about the swap about 2 weeks ago . you expained the whole swap to me like in a hour . lol
yea they do because it wont run with out the proper sensors. but i got everything and they said that if i missing that they garauntee that they will get it to me. i got it in
thats cool. im going to hot import nights june 11-12 might see me out there.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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