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k20a2 (rsx) vs. k20a (type r) 1/4 time difference?

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whats the difference between the two motors in the 1/4 with just CAI, header, and custom exhaust???

how much do the k20a2 usually go for? i know the k20a runs up to like 5500.
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In the Euro Civic TypeR (K20a) stock 1/4mile times = 15.2-15.5s!!
Bolt on mods = 14.5-15.2s

Alot depends on the driver!
My ZC CRX beats all stock and most mildly modded Type R's.

Civic TypeR = 1250kg(approx) :?
ZC CRX = 900kg :D

Jonny :wink:
RC000E said:
Your 130hp CRX runs 14.5's or better in street trim? On top of that fact, Type R's aren't engineered as drag cars, they are more capable in a highway confrontation. Your tellin me your ZC shiftin at 7300 is beating mildly modded Type R's revvin to 9 grand with a superior tranny. I don't believe that for a second. I personally raced Type R's back in the day when my CRX had a Y8/A6 mini me, certainly putting the power of a ZC down, and got ass raped by them on the top end. Am I missing something about your car here?
CTR aren't drag cars, CRX's aren't drag cars.
+ I don't race on the street

My CRX is more like 160-165hp-ish, carbon fibre sunroof, glassfibre bonnet, semi-stripped interior, big cams (was doing 14.9s-15.0s without cams), 15" street tyres, Emanage tuned, blah blah blah, etc. Its my everyday car, to and from work everyday. Stock on the outside, Not stock where it counts - Mid 14s 1/4s (lots of tuning is the secret)

Results from earlier this year pre big cams - I'm Jonny Martin :wink:
[url] new/16.05.04 Full.htm [/url]

The quickest CTR had Header, exhaust, CAI, not much interior, some other bits.
14.5s class my time - 15.04
then demo section my time - 15.00

CTR are slow! but the engines aren't!! :wink:
Hope this backs up my claims :?

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K2e2vin said:
crx165; your car is tuned and built. with tuning and improved breathing(maybe to the same extent as your car) im pretty sure a CTR will be faster.
Very true but my point was that my little 1.6 CRX is faster over a 1/4 mile than a CTR (UK) with bolt on mods (exhaust, CAI, etc.) The engines are great (thats why I'm on the forum :wink: ) the cars (whole package) aren't so great.

All I did was answer the original question in my first post, all be it from my experience rather reading manufacturers claims. And used my current car as an example.

It was a bench mark for any US members wanting to drop a K20a2 in a USDM Civic Si.

CTR/ Civic Si a2 swap 1/4mile times with bolt on mods should = 14.5 -15.5s

Just sharing info, not really after a big discussion of my 1/4 times.
Jonny :D

(EDIT: Hope I've got all the K20a/a2 designations correct???? :? )
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Sorry to bring this up AGAIN, but more proof I'm not talking trash -

Similar mods to me, similar times.

I'll repeat and stand by my statement - Euro CTR are slow - K20's aren't :wink:

Jonny (Eventually made my point!)
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