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Hi, I have a few parts up for sale. All in good condition or i wouldn't sell.
I will send pics upon request or ill get them up soon. Thanks!!

K20a2 Pistons and rods - good condition and have 11,000 miles on them - 110 Shipped OBO

K20a2 Vtec solenoid.. good condition about 5,000 on it - 70 shipped OBO

K20a2 Ignition Coils(4) - 4,000 miles on them - SOLD*

K20a2 Charge Harness great condition -SOLD**

K20a2 Timing cover w/ all bolts- 40 shipped OBO

K20a2 Crank Pulley with bolt- SOLD*
K20a2 Intake Manifold PRB Fresh, 9,000 miles on it - 85 shipped OBO

K20a2 Engine Harness - SOLD*

K20a2 TB - SOLD*

K20a2 Axels - SOLD*

Thanks for looking guys!

** need to take pics of pistons **
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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