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K20A2 into EG - Pics Inside

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Just finished it up last night, a customers car that is on the board...its on the CTR comp as of right now, Kpro is on the way along with a slew of other parts. Custom C&R Radiator we modified, ARC Box, fuel system, downpipe for tsx header, coolant res....etc...Just thought we would post some pics. Enjoy :)

- USDM K20A2 RSX Type S
- HASport Mounts & Axles
- Hybrid Racing PNP Harness
- CTR ECU untill Kpro Arrives
- STR Fuel Rail, SX 1:1 FPR, Stainless Lines & Fittings
- TSX Header w/ Heatwrap
- C&R Radiator w/Fan Modified to retain stock location
- EP3 Pulley System
- ARC Air Box Custom Fitted
- Zerolift Custom Downpipe
- Zerolift Custom Coolant Overflow Tank
- Zerolift Custom Shifter Box - Alows Use of the stock Center Console
- Zerolift Brake Booster Bracket
- Apexi N1 Pro Dampners
- ITR 5 Lug
- Advan RGs 17"
- Seibon CF Lip Kit
- Spoon Duckbill
- VIS CF Hood
- J's Racing Duct & Canards
- Recaro SRDs
- ITR Steering Wheels
- Much more... here are the pics, K20 into DC2 is coming soon

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i like that arc intake box! nice job on the shifter setup too! very clean! do you sell those shifter setups? good job!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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