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K20A2 into EG - Pics Inside

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Just finished it up last night, a customers car that is on the board...its on the CTR comp as of right now, Kpro is on the way along with a slew of other parts. Custom C&R Radiator we modified, ARC Box, fuel system, downpipe for tsx header, coolant res....etc...Just thought we would post some pics. Enjoy :)

- USDM K20A2 RSX Type S
- HASport Mounts & Axles
- Hybrid Racing PNP Harness
- CTR ECU untill Kpro Arrives
- STR Fuel Rail, SX 1:1 FPR, Stainless Lines & Fittings
- TSX Header w/ Heatwrap
- C&R Radiator w/Fan Modified to retain stock location
- EP3 Pulley System
- ARC Air Box Custom Fitted
- Zerolift Custom Downpipe
- Zerolift Custom Coolant Overflow Tank
- Zerolift Custom Shifter Box - Alows Use of the stock Center Console
- Zerolift Brake Booster Bracket
- Apexi N1 Pro Dampners
- ITR 5 Lug
- Advan RGs 17"
- Seibon CF Lip Kit
- Spoon Duckbill
- VIS CF Hood
- J's Racing Duct & Canards
- Recaro SRDs
- ITR Steering Wheels
- Much more... here are the pics, K20 into DC2 is coming soon

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TrueZen said:
So were you able to keep the heater core while mounting it below the tunnel? Also what shifter assembly did you use? Just trying to get as much info as possible before doing my own.
yes, they made their own bracket rerouting the heater core. They used the RSX shifter and went under the car making a custom enclosure for it.
Hasport did it on their white time attack . NASA challenge integra. I have seen pics on old honda tunings. I don't have pics of it but basically you mount it underneath the car and you protect it with a custom enclosure you wil be able to buy soon from zerolift. I am sure when they are ready to sell these, they will post pics of how it should be done.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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