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K20A2 intake manifold + throttle body need your help

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I'm planning to do some minor upgrades on my RSX-S. I've been doing a lot of reading and a lot of asking about throttle bodies but I can't seem to find the right part for my car. I'm looking to get a Skunk2 Pro intake manifold but my coworker is telling me to go RBC because the skunk2 is basically the same except they slapped a badge "Skunk2" on it. I don't know if this is true because i'm really new to all this. Also, I've been looking at the 70mm Skunk2 TB that I want to use but I read that you're gonna have to lose the coolant line because this one doesn't have a place for it. So I asked my coworker and he said he's got the Skunk2 TB on his K swapped EG coupe but he doesn't drive his car during winter and when he starts his car, he manually revs the car for a few minutes to warm it up. I, on the other hand, plans to keep my car a daily driver whether it's -50 degrees out or not so i'd like to be able to fire it up and leave it running for a few minutes without me having to rev it manually. I don't care about losing the cruise control because I rarely use it but I'd like to have the IACV if it's still possible. I don't want my TB freezing up on me during winter if I delete the IACV.
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Bump. Is there anyone here who can enlighten me with some info? I'm thinking of going with a Skunk2 Pro Intake manifold and a 70mm K-Tuned Throttle body so I can keep my OEM sensors. If I get those two, are there anything else that i'm gonna need that won't come with them?
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