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k20a2 intake cam in k24a1 head?

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I know the exhuast cams won't change up...but any reason you couldn't use an rsx intake cam in the k24a1 head for abit more power?
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chameleon said:
those cams can only be used on k24a2 or k20a2 heads.
you cannot swap out the entire valvetrain either since it does not have a casting for a lost motion assy.
OneRM said:
are you guys not reading properly?
please dont talk to people that way

yes we are reading properly, and if three people give you the same answer that means either your question was answered properly or you didnt ask it properly.

NO, it will NOT WORK, and NO they do NOT have the same rocker arms
sf-si-02 said:
Nick is right, the a1 head does NOT have the holder for the lost motion springs, and hence cannot suspend the high lift lobe of the vtec mechanism. Not, having said that, I believe you can have them machined in, but it will cost more than its worth.
honestly i dont even think you can machine it IN, because it looks more like the holder part comes OUT of the surface of the head, metal would need to be welded

just get an A2 head LOL
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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