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Whats good K20a.Just sold my 06 RSX-S cause i couldn't afford
to keep it cause i got to finish up school.I just picked up a 03 SI
cheap and i have a extra type-S longblock and it drops right in the
EP(that why i got the car).I would like to know if i can make 260whp
K-pro tuned with i/rh/e, rbc, H img, fuel rail, 440cc injectors, full
skunk2 valvetrain and investing in IPS cams,but i dont know which
model is best to use,K-2,K-10 and or KME'S and also planning to go
with 3" pipping to a vibrant all-black exhaust pan and if all else fails,
a lil 50 shot wit no interior.

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260 is possible on a k20 motor. Depends on the condition of the long block and the specific i/h/e combo you get.

For a 2.0L motor with stock compression, I'd suggest the IPS K2 Mark II. I have the IPS K2 Mark III which are optimized for high compression builds like mine.
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