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K20A2 EG Canadian Car

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Anybody here done the swap in a Canadian car ???

I am currently finalizing my Hybrid Racing wire harness and they say in their manual :
"24 . If you are running a Canadian model EG/DC cut C101 pin 14"

If I'm right C101 is the big grey connector near the ECU on the right side of the dash coming from my K engine harness, which is plugged to a connector that goes to the driver side. And at pin 14 there are 2 YEL/BLK wires.

I just wanna make sure I really need to cut those 2 wires in my canadian body, and that I got the correct connector and wires.
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So what was the out come of this? I dont wanna start a new thread so please more input. I m having the same problem.
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