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My other car is a S2000
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As stated in another thread, I finally got to drive the swap this past weekend. Following are my initial impressions:

1. The car idles VERY quiet once warmed.

2. The car drives stock when pussy footing it.

3. The car pulls when gassing it like man running with a burning wick tied to his scrotum.

4. The sweet spot in each gear is so apparent and abundant...

5. There is so much more torque down low on such a light car that an LSD is definitely needed.

6. 2nd and 3rd gear both pull HARD through 3800rpm to redline...I ran an EG on the highway from 55mph. By the time I hit 80, he was FAR back and by the time I left off on the gas (the time it took to realize that he had just quit) I was at 110mph.

7. The HASPORT mounts are the pierced nipples on Janet Jackson (it's a good thing).

The car feels very nimble, but not solid. I have to attribute this to my current suspension setup. I'm on brand new NEX coil-overs with GSR sway bars. The car is currently sitting higher than stock and is in need of some lowering and a new alignment. I also noticed that the head of the yolk bolt on the left rear is sheared off, so I'm sure that the loose-ness I felt in turns was majorly caused by this.

The car doesn't seem to dive on hard braking and turn-in as it once did with the B-motor and the turbo. Is the K-series lighter or heavier. From reported weights, I thought the K-series was slightly heavier. Is the motor structurally stronger that it aids to the rigidity of the engine compartment moreso than the B-motor?

When revving the car through each gear moderately, there is no note of VTEC engagement...but the pull is apparent. However, when dropping a gear and getting on the gas, the VTEC is DEFINITELY there....the motor screams.

The gearbox is AMAZING. I thought the best gearbox I had ever felt was the S2000, however, the smooth and clicking shifter. The only problem I'm having now is that when going into 5th from 4th. The shift box allows you to push the shift lever so far to the right that you miss that 5th gear gate. I've lessened this now just from getting more familiar with range of movement. Other than that, rev matching up and down gears is so simple that it's a joy just to go back and forth gears to effortlessly.

Power steering in what I have now versus the previous motor is so much more faster and lighter. I don't know why, but I'm assuming that the PS pump off the RSX just creates more pressure than the b-series pump which allows for faster operation. I may be wrong to how it works, but I do notice the "lightness" of the steering wheel at ANY speed.


I plan to get some bushings made for the motor mounts, or some sort of hard rubber "feet" for the underside of the mounts. The only gripe I have is the amount of shudder I get through to the dashboard. This is so reminiscient of my street performance bushings I used in both the H22 and H23 motors I had in my Prelude. I was younger then and was more tolerant, however, I don't care for it now.

I do want to do more of a wire tuck on my engine compartment and clean up some under dash wiring. This issue is a non-issue and is more attributed to my anal-ness.

Brakes need to be upgraded...I'm thinking that I'll get a 5 lug swap and swap on the RSX rotors and calipers. If not the 5 lug, I'll sell/trade the 5 swap for an EP3 4 lug swap and use the larger 4 lug rotors and calipers on my current hubs.

Suspension defintely needs to be tighter. This will require new lca's, larger rear sway bar, and various chassis stiffening (bars and welding). I'm not trying to turn the car into a hot-lapper, but do want a more fun and capable car for the streets.

Most importantly, an LSD is NEEDED!

Once I get the car back with a new starter, I'll report more issues and surprises. I'll also keep reporting maintenance and other timely things.

If you're in the middle of a swap or planning on one, enjoy it once you're done! You will most likely have the same results I did! :shock: :D :twisted: :shock:

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the k is lighter than the b by about 26 or 27 lbs.

hey congrats on your conversion. stiffen up the chasis and suspention and that baby will be a bad as track monster.
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