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got a few leftovers

k20a2 2004 shortblock good to replace a blown bottom end.. block as nothing around it (water/oil pump alternator and starter) everything else is there pistons rods crank everything is still assembled OEM i just took the k20 parts for a k24 build so its a great replacement if you have everything else and your block is just dead

sorry the block was already all wrapped before i had to take the pic and i tried to take a pic of the engine code but it kind of didnt work that much... anyways

another k20a2 2003 shortblock complete with everything from top to bottom untouched just took the head for a k24 k20
1000$ SOLD

k20a2 2004 head complete with everything (coil pack, vtec solenoid, camshaft, spring, cover EVERYTHING)

the block is still assembled i will take it appart when someone will take one or the other
the thermostat housing comes with it everything is there just not on the pic its the complete block and head

just to show you we are damn serious around here, no time to **** around with scaming people on internet

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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