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K20A2 Baffled Oil Pan Suggestions?

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Ok. I'm building a setup that will be used on road courses so a baffled pan is a must.

I've been looking at options and wanted to find out people's opinions.

I've seen the hytech baffles, and while the design looks good, I think that after you pay the $280 for the baffles, you still have to have them installed.

I've seen the mugen pan, and right now, I'm leaning towards that since it is simply a bolt-on setup. Mugen has a history of road-racing, so I'm sure they did their homework there.

I've also talked to ERL about their upcoming baffled setup. However last time I talked to them, there was still no ETA. I'll have to hit them up again.

Any other good options that anyone knows of?
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Bump cause I'd like to know if there are any options if you are running the TSX steel oil pan on a K20A instead of the stock aluminum one.
1999_ITR said:
Bump cause I'd like to know if there are any options if you are running the TSX steel oil pan on a K20A instead of the stock aluminum one.
I too am waiting for ERL to release there baffle setup for the TSX pan so I can make better use of the S2K pump I ordered from them... :rolleyes:
The hytech is a very nicely made baffle. Its easy to install, although you do have to drill holes in the it mounts nice and secure. The kit comes with small button head screws for a flush fit without looking like out of place hardware.
What is hytech's suggestion for sealing the holes that you have to drill in the pan to ensure that the pan doesn't leak?
You just use some silicone gasket maker on the bolts. I use permatex ultra-grey on everything because it holds up great and looks like oem.
kommon_sense said:
Here is a pic of the hytech baffles :

i'm drawn toward the hytech design mainly because the trap doors. if you're not afraid of drilling a couple holes in your oil pan it's a pretty good piece.
Here is a very interesting thread.

After doing a little digging, it appears as though people were losing oil pressure in *LEFT* hand turns, not right hand turns like one would think.

So the oil was sloshing to the side of the pan that the oil pump is on, and not the shallow side. This explains why the mugen pan does not have a plate in it like many of the other pans do.
Just curious, is the oil pump on the opposite side of the motor on B series vs on the right side on the K series? Yes I know there's a Mugen B series pan pictures, but I don't know how it's oriented.

Reason I ask is because there's a final turn at a local track (T9 @ Willow Springs Raceway) that is known to blow quite a few motors due to lost (and unmonitored) oil pressure--it is a big decreasing R turn radius right before the front straight.

First time I was there, a B18C blew at the end of the turn when he was back WOT on the throttle....but when I was there w/ my stock K20 pan, I NEVER lost pressure as much on that corner as much as I was losing on R hand turns (particularly on a R hand, uphill corner for some reason).

Here's a pic of the track:

Turn 9 is infamous for loss of oil pressure, while I mainly was losing oil psi (needle dropping from 60+ to 40 and sometimes 20psi) on the uphill Turn 3.
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Don't forget that the k-series engines are flipped 180deg in the engine bay. In a b/h/d-series, the oil pump is on the driver's side. In a k-series, the oil pump is on the passenger side.
talked to hytech and its 475 for a brand new a2 pan with baffles installed , so thats not that bad so 25 bucks for him to install cause a2 pans brand new are around 170
I'm new the k-series so I have a question. I just picking up an accord K24 and I'll be putting it in a 96 coupe and setting it up for road racing. Can I use a k20 oil pan on my k24? Also, what oil pump would you reccomend?
I just sucked it up and ordered the mugen pan from king motorsports. Detailed pics when it arrives.
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