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K20a2 all motor need some help !

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Hello guys,

We are building a all motor over here in the netherlands.
the engine is a k20a2 type R.

Engine specs:
87mm pistons
eagle rods
comp ratio 12,5 or 13,5
fuel: octane 98 or e85 bio ethanol
head fully build.

But now my question... We want to know what camshafts do we need...
We have already the brian crower stage 3 vtec killers but we dont have experience with those cams.. so we wanna sell the BC's and go for some normal cams ''with'' vtec..

But what cams do you think we can pick the best ??

the car is for dragracing and we want the MAX out of the engine..

in america are many guys that build all motor for dragracing so mayb you can share some experience with cams etc..

hope you can help us
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