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k20a rod strength and cam questions

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With the B series the weakest link was the rod bolts not the rods itself, is it the same case with the kseries? From reading different posts on club rsx and here people speak of k20a motors blowing their block cuz of weak rods. How strong is the block on a k20 in other words what can they handle compression wise? Just wondering cuz rod bolts is a lot cheaper then quality rods. If its just the rod bolts anyone know where i can get them cuz most places only have bseries rod bolts.

By the way great site guys tons of great info for the kmotors i think this is my first post since your search answered most of my questions. I used to post on club si a lot since i had an si myself but i just recently sold it and want to go k20a all motor for my next project.

Also, vague info on cam comparisons (toda vs crower vs IPS) hopefully skunk 2 will release their's soon. Basically its a toss up between crower stage 2 3/4 and IPS K2's still no real dyno comparison but would love to see one. I plan on upgrading the valve train and keeping the stock block (unless new rods are needed) and maybe a thinner head gasket to yield 11.7 - 11.8 cpr. What do you guys think on which are the most wildest cams yet streetable?
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