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I would like to know all the OEM parts number for doing the K20a swap in EK. Thanks in advance.

K20a motor
Hasport EKK mounts
Hasport Axles
Hondata K pro
Hasport wiring harness, Rcrew, Hybrid Racing

OEM parts number for
Ep3 belt =
Ep3 bracket =
Throttle body cable =
Thermo Unit =
Switch Coolant =
etc =

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this has been covered for the most part before

idler pulley
pulley 31190-PRA-000
bracket 31175-PRA-000
washer 31185-PCX-003
bolt 90031-PRA-000

belt you can get from an autoparts store 7 rib 50.5" inches long

throttlebody cable
EP3 cable for K20a2 swap
96+ DX for jdm k20a (some are using GSR)

need to find part #'s there are plenty of websites out there that can help you like this one
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