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K20a into 85 AH Civic hatch

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Has anyone done this swap or in the process of doing one? Need help as I'm doing the swap and wondering how much trouble it's going to be. Thanks
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That is so sweet..

Care to make some more set of mounts?
And what about axles, which ones are you going to use? Any chance they are equal-length?
UPDATE: Radiator from an ek4 is fitted, exhaust and driveshafts to be started in a couple of weeks. Engine will be taken out first for the bay to be painted Mazda velocity red (car will be painted this colour after the third round of our sports compact series). Aim: To have the car running by the 25th of March for the third round of the ANDRA sports compact series.:)
It would be possible to make more mounts, but it depends how much you want them because they aren't cheap (think hasport mounts x2)!!!
Using DSS level 2 Honda Civic axles (400hp) with a mix of standard AH and DC5 hubs and c.v's. They (DSS) might have some on the shelf but more than likely they will have to be machined to suit.

crx20si: Mounts were fabricated by a guy who builds top drag racing chassis here in Australia. Again its about how much money you want to spend (you can pm me if you are very interested).
Another thing that might put you off is that ground clearance is terrible for any sort of street use (4 inches from ground to sump) and a lot of extra work would still be needed to make the engine fit.
The good news is axle alignment is dead strait with absolutely no bends (so axles should hold up to a lot of punishment).

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cant wait to see this in action definately would watch if you race down in WSID. those mounts looks the part. awesome build
I will be down in Sydney with the car for the final round of the sports compact series in May. :up:
:wow:I'm a new member with some old skool rides!
I've been contemplating the swap on a 1st gen civic, I've already done a ZC / D16's and 2 B-series. looking at the pics, it seems the motor/tranny combo is narrower than the B series. It might be possible :)


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UPDATE: Engine bay has been sprayed and the motor is back in. Wiring is underway. The whole car has been prepared for the respray in mazda velocity red, which will happen tomorrow night. Then it's off to get the custom extractors and exhaust made and fitted, on Friday, which will hopefully be done by Wednesday. By that time hopefully the driveshafts will have arrived. Then all that will be left is tuning
Heres a pic of the 99% completed engine bay!

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:wow: That looks so clean. Have any idea of the weight on that thing?
thats ultra clean bay... great work on this! :up: :up: :up:
Wow! Thats FIERCE! Lookin Awesome! Like everyone else, I am curious to know more info. Did you have to machine the DSS axles to work/accept the AH/DC5 inners and outers? It looks like you relocated the oil filter, did you encounter any trouble with the exhaust header? Again, awesome job. Can't wait to hear more about your progress.
The car weighs around 1560 pounds without driver. :)
The driveshafts are actually going to be a mix of AH outers, Circuit Worx stage 1's (custom made), and K20 inners.
The custom extractors and exhaust are being made as we speak.

Well done, guys!!!
now that is a bad car.

the top end of a jet!!! :up:
The job you guys have done is awesome. would you please show a few shots of the sump to ground clearance in reference to the ride height your car is at(ground to center of the front wheel arch). my d16a1 in my 87 si hatch only has around 4-4.25" at 23.25" of ride height on 20/55/14's. do you have any corner weight info yet? i'd like to know just how much more weight you have on the front end compaared to a d,or b series motor.
Have you thought about changing your knuckles and brakes to 86-89 Teg?? That way you can use B series outers. Just a thought.
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