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K20A Help

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I have a ep3 and I have a couple of questions about this motor I have. It’s stamped “k20a” on the block but it’s definitely not a type r engine. So why is it stamped k20a if it’s a economic version? Plus all other economical engines have the 2 lobe intake cam - 1 lobe exhaust cam right. But mine has a 3 lobe intake cam for some reason. And a 1 lobe exhaust cam. How does that work, doesn’t it need different rockers and adjustments for the extra cam on the intake side? I thought it was a k20a3 but it definitely isn’t.
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It's basically euro style kseries I have also same as k203 basically.
Vtec on one cam only, no oil cooler, different valve cover, plastic intake manifold
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