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13" wheels? What is tire size? Are bigger tires an option for your setup?

Also, there was someone on clubrsx selling *MUCH* longer final drives for people with boosted setups. The 02-04 k20a2 is a 4.389FD which is one of the longest of all the k-trannies (I bought it for this reason). I recall the one made for the boosted folks was a 3.? .

Actually I lied, its a 4.052 :

However thats nearly an 8% reduction across the board.

While you are in there, switch to the tsx 6th gear which is about a 12% reduction.

Put those 2 together and you get about a 20% reduction in 6th gear.

You could also play with your tune w/kpro to help 1st gear a bit. Play with variables like throttle tip-in and gear based ign retard/advance to try to make 1st a little more tame.
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