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K20A EP3 2003 Si typr r built 6 speed LSD best offer Maryland

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SOLD!!!! K20A-R EP3 2003 Si 6 speed LSD best offer Maryland


Car runs [email protected], drives like a dream, its a steal!

VIEW PICS BELOW...more pictures available in ebay link

Factory Vivid Blue Pearl Paint

Honda painted sideskirts

Type R style Carbon Front Lip (crack on driver side, but still looks decent)

about 15% tint

2000 body style Si rims with Kumho ASX tires

Shaved emblems

Type R painted rear wing with LED brake light (inner 3rd brake light removed)


K20A2 block and head, rsx type s 6 speed trans

TYPE R pistons, cams, valvesprings, retainers, flywheel, intake manifold, ECU, LSD, valvecover

This motor is a complete Type R build except for the type S throttle body (minor difference in the taper)

Cometic head gasket

ARP head studs

Hondata intake heatshield (the blue one...the good one)

AEM fuel rail

Exedy stage 1 clutch

AEM Cold Air Intake

DC 4-1 race header for a RSX-S

2 1/2 piping

Magnaflow resonator and muffler (2 1/2 inch) (no cat)

Buddy club short shifter (made for 6 speed EP3...complete shifter box)

BC racing 32 way fully adjustable coilovers

DC rear lower tie bar

Energy Suspension mount inserts


Black leather, red stitching, type r style shift boot (not cheap)

ARC shift knob

Si floor mats

Viper alarm (sensor is currently not working so remote doesn't work, just needs to be looked at or taken to Best Buy)

Sparco pedals

JVC Head unit with pre outs and sub control.

Pre wired for sub/amp, all wiring included

Alpine flip out TV screen, not being controlled by anything right now, but there are wires under the seat for a power converter and a playstation plug. it is all hooked up behind the dash.


factory ECU, in case you decide to go KPRO, use this and then immobolizer will work. Then you can sell the type r ECU, which does not have an immobolizer. Rear head rests are included as well, but i leave them out for better vision. A rsx-s header, EP catless downpipe, and factory Si exhaust will also be included if interested

Also available a SPARCO RING, MOMO HUB and Fiber Images complete carbon lip kit which is in great shape. I was going to install it, but didnt want to put it on till car was repainted. I will also include a dual gauge full pillar that fits right in. all you do is pop out the factory gray A-pillar and it goes right in place. (no gauges)


4 wheel alignment

ceramic brake pads, all 4 corners

oil change within last 1500 miles.


check engine light on, only because of no cat. 2nd O2 sensor is bad, so it is plugged. It runs normal this way, it will run like crap if it is plugged in, unless the sensor is replaced. There are several ways to trick the ECU so the CEL turns off, like using 2 spark plug defoulers which i have and will include. The Cruise control was removed. The wire is tucked into the fender, and the button was removed from the steering wheel, i made a custom plate to cover where the controls were, it looks almost as if it came this way, except for the gold screws (i forgot to paint them). You can see it in the last picture

The car has never been in a major accident. the minor damage you see is all that this car has had done to it, no bondo anywhere. I was going to have it professionally painted, and the body work done, but i dont have money to put into it just to sell it and try to get it back. Plus, i figured the next owner might want someone in perticular to do the work, or change the color. The custom paint shop that does my work could have all body work and paint done for 1800. You might know someone to do it cheaper. THIS IS WHY I AM SELLING THIS CAR SO CHEAP. IT HAS HAD PROBABLY 8000 INVESTED WITHOUT LABOR. IF THE BODY WAS PERFECT, I WOULD ASK MUCH MORE, OBVIOUSLY. The car does not look that bad, and has not suffered mechanically, it runs perfectly and drives straight. I have tried to show every possible ding, etc. in the Ebay link. If you are seriously interested and need to see something else, just ask me.
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how about a bump for a k20 EP3 guys
ok, if you're not going to buy it, at least bump it if you take a look, thanks
104 people don't have anything to say...interesting:confused:
Bump, somebody has to be interested...
i have an 02 ep3 so i thought i would give you a bump and some feedback. i have to say with everything you have on this car, this is a very good price, bump!!
I Need To Sell This Car Is Anyone Interested?
Bump NEED TO SELL. Why spend so dam much on a 92 hatch with a k20 when you can get a 2003 for less...come on now someone make an offer, PM me if interested
Who is gonna be the lucky one to steal this thing from me? i wish i could afford to keep the damn thing and fix it up a bit, but i can't so i gotta let it go cheap. this motor runs strong, nobody expects it in an EP.
blackhatchsnatch said:
my buddy is in the market for one too bad ur so far
Let him know we can work something out. i can send him more pics...I guarantee he'll be happy with how it runs. LMK
Bump for a couple interests...make sure you get back to me!
Come on guys, I'm basically giving this thing away. You're getting a free swap for the price I'm looking for. Somebody make a move. Offers?
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