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Re: Block

d3viL666 said:
I am looking for the block as well as info about the swap. Currently i am running on a k20a Type-R JDM orginal specs..wanna do a upgrade...
I hav already got my toda cams,valves,retainers,motec m800,clutch..and so on. I do not want to use a k20a but instead i want to use the k24a as it has a bigger bore and displacement. So is it a right choice to do so.

hek yea its a right choice to do so. thats the new crv vtec or ls vtec man. shit will haul all motor style. then slap on some hondata to tune it good and u got some good power to the wheels. i wish i was still getting a good deal on my k20a swap but no more..... :cry:
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