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Good question. In my opinion it is not worth it if you live in California like you are because it will be a pain in the ass ti get the BAR sticker. The main difference is the LSD tranny. I have seen it that for sale for around $2000. You can always add LSD and gear synchro on your type s tranny.

No if you aren't worried about BAR stickers etc... and you have a stock RSX type S 2002-2004 , it would cost you more to upagrade the type s motor and tranny to a type r, than just swapping the k20a motor.

Basically, you can sell the motor+tranny+ecu for $3500, and buy a k20a swap for $5500.... A difference of $2000...

If you were to upgrade tranny, cams, intake, throttle body, ecu, red cover, black oil stick (misc but some people buy them) it would cost you more than $2000...

If you are planning to go turbo then the k20a motor would not make a big difference...

Hondata K pro on a RSX type S with basic bolts on and excellent tunning can produce some good power... The only problem is, tuning costs money and you still do not have the LSD. One last thing, the JDM type r ecu that comes with the k20a type r motor has a speed governor/limiter that cuts off power at 120 mph...
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