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K20 vtec

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Just a quick ???I am always hearing about the torque and high whp numbers of the k20 but how does the vtec feel kicking in on these monsters...I remember when people use to brag about how hard there vtec kicks in on the b series...Whats up...? :confused:
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b series's vtec has the jolt when vtec kicks in is due to the sudden change in torque..duh *edit (no vtc..torque is everywhere and not stable..effect..sudden jerk during vtec transition)

k series's vtec was put down b/c of its smooth transition due to vtc (valve timing change..i think) but that's the beauty of the k series..the vtc changes constantly to give the optimum torque..retards for low rpm and advance for high rpm operations.

just a side note; the smooth transition is what tune cars are suppose to be like.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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