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Hello, looking for some help. I'm k20 swapping a MK1 Renault Clio. Donar was a 2004 EP3 UK car, running a stock PRA ecu. Wired it all in via civic engine loom and making my own swap loom. I have wired in the stock key reader and used stock key to get around the immob.
Check list, fuel is at rail and under pressure, battery is 12.5v and under cranking is about 10.5v. earth's a are all good.
When on ignition, fuel pump primes and ECU is on, I have wired a obd reader into the loom and I can bring up codes ect via my mobile app. Then when key is turned to cranking there is no spark and injectors dont fire I have tested for both. I have also noticed when on ignition the fuel pump primes when cracking the fuel pump does not run, it's as though under cranking the ECU does not turn the pump and spark on. What is causing this, does it sound like an immob problem, or something else I've missed.
I've double checked my wiring along with two friends and cannot spot a noticeable problem.
We have tried leaving the car on ignition and hot-wiring the starter to turn engine over... Again no start. Only fault code is one for an emotion type valve what I read into it, will not stop engine running.
I have asked for help via Facebook groups and some said it's immobiliser that's turning fuel and spark off and there's my problem, but I wired key reader in as to guides. So hoping someone here may know something simple I'm missing.
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