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K20 series swap into 98 hatch

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I know the FAQ's but how long will it take me to do the engine and tranny swap so it be going on its way and what all will I exactly need??

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hey supafly, I know nothing about swaps, just to get that out in the open. What is the "PNP jumper" and where can I get one and how much is it? I am thinking about putting a K20 in my 00 hatch, well I am not doing it, I am probably going to pay someone to do it. Anyway, I am trying to get everything that the shop will need to get this swap done right. Could you maybe list everything thats needed? Any info you can give me will be great, thanks dude
Oh yeah, one more thing. I want to turbo charge the K20. Will there be room for a turbo manifold and sh*t? I know that there a few different K20's, which one would you suggest and why? Sorry for the butt-load of ?'s, thanks though, I am sure the info you post will be helpful not only for me but others as well.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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