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K20 series swap into 98 hatch

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I know the FAQ's but how long will it take me to do the engine and tranny swap so it be going on its way and what all will I exactly need??

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I can help with most any ?'s and I have about 200 pics at my disposal also.
dont be afraid.

you can get PNP harness. Some wires here and there may have to be extended. NO biggie.

Hoses. Just get heater hose and run it straight.
Radiator hoses try 99si top for bottom and just try some til you like the fit for the top.

I pulled my dash to make sure wires hidden well lots of loom etc. Make it neat. I also ran all my engine harnesses through the fenders to hide them. Only harness is the actual engine.
No it does not. you'll use the engine harness off the K20a. You have to run it inside and pull the EK harness engine harness out totally. Run the RSX harness in then the PNP jumper goes from the engine harness to the Tach, o2, cluster etc which plugs in stock plugs
My list of extras
Mounts, axles, clutch line, fuel line, FPR, heater hoses, radiator hoses, new clutch w/resurfaced flywheel, lots of loom, wire ties, kpro, primary air fuel ratio sensor O2, shift cables, shift box, 3M black tape, wires to extend some wires for harness power wires etc., B series engine coolant temp sensor, pins for cluster, all fluids, vaccuum hoses, prototype racing intake, extra tube needed to be welded to intake, brake booster hose, thin fan, 6spd gear shift knob, load leveler for putting motor in, new exhaust, header, make sure all sensors are good, fuel rail STR, STR alternator pulley, STR TB coming. have to relocate radiator to condensor position.
This is all I can think of right off the top of my head.

PNP harness was purchased from K20EG and I believe hasport may have one as well.
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As far as turbo PLENTY of room. T3-T101 will fit.

SFP, Cybernation, Rev Hard, and Inline Pro (in progress making a kit)

Ive not done any research on these but only one I have not heard good things about is SFP.

As far as which motor.... That all depends on what your end goal will be.

Probably full out race etc Built K24 K20 head.

Just street K20a (my opinion) all motor with upgrades like I/H/E kpro.
A car capable of 13.2 on street tire is PLENTY, 12.5 with slicks. Very few cars of any kind can do that especially with a stock motor and few mods and is extremely reliable.

ANY ?'s that I can help with please let me know.

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Its easier and cheaper to swap while motor is out.

I just resurfaced the stock type r and put new clutch in.
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