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k20 questions

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im gettin a k20 motor no wire harness or ecu. besides mounts and the harness what else will i need just to get it on and running?

Do i have to buy a chipped key and a starter for it?
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You are going to need

engine harness
pnp harness
relocate radiator and possibly new radiator
fuel fittings, fuel rail
and other misc stuff

Read the hasport, hybrid racing guides and search.. There is no set parts list.. There are shortcuts and different choices etc..

You can use jdm typer PRC ecu, or hondata flashed type s ecu or hondata K pro.

Try to get an idea what you need and ask whatever is not clear
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k-thanks just printed out alot of that...but i heard that u either need the key that started that engine or u need a new one since cars now have chipped keys-whats the deal with that
if you are putting the k20a into a new honda that has an immobilizer, you need to have the car chipped by the dealer if you are using a stock type s motor for example... in a 2003 civic. But I assume you are asking for an EG. No need for that on an eg. The type s ecu will not work unless, you k pro it and you sent it to hondata to get it flashed. Another option is to use the JDM ecu but that has a speed limiter at 120 mph and it really works well with a k20a type r engine... WIth a type s motor, it is not going to bring the best results. It will run though.
The easiest thing to do would be just get Hondata K-Pro. You can turn the immobilizer off that way you can just use your key and ignition thats already in your car. I believe its a grand to get it. You can also tune your engine in any way with it.
i probally missed it guessing i would need a base rsx ecu? what if i can get the original key? i would just have to buy a starter for it?...sorry if im askin dumb questions i need 2 know where i stand.
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