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so a friend of mine has a k24 bottom end and a k20 head not put together so since im building my next k20 civic im thinking about buying this setup from him how much work is it to mate the k20 to the k24 bottom and what additional parts do i need i did a search and there is to much articles to read through so im hoping someone has a simple answer
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its a tsx bottom end im not sure of the year i will have to ask him but honestly if its gonna be to much of a headache to do i will just do a straight
k20 swap
If it is a TSX bottom it will be a pretty straight forward swap. The head will go right on, no worries with piston to valve on stock cams. Do you have a trans for it?
A straight K20 swap is good to cut your teeth on, and you will have everything needed motorwise, making the swap that much easier.
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