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Hey guys, I’ve had my 06 Type S for about 3 years and its finally time for me to do my frank build. =D
I’ve gotten most of my stuff, just waiting on a couple things here and there. Here’s my parts list

K20Z1 OEM Overhauled valvetrain
07 K24A2 bottom end
O9 TSX Pistons
Manley H Beam Rods(Pending Order)
Z1 Intake Cam
06-08 Exhaust Cam
Z1 Oil Cooler
Z1 Oil Pump
Z1 Water Pump
KPro v4
Invidia Q300
RBC w/adapter
RDX 410 Injectors
PLM Race Header w/test pipe
EPS Conversion Kit
FX200 Clutch
Used DC5R OEM 10.5 Flywheel
OEM Rebuilt Z1 Tranny with TSX 6th gear
Wavetrac LSD
Injen Cold Air Intake
AFH Frank Essential Build kit

Just wondering if anyone could fill me in on what type of power I’d be looking at? And if this will STILL be fine for a daily driver? Any suggestions on what I could do to make it a bit more reliable while adding a bit more power? Haven't ordered the Manley Rods yet, but will that be overkill? Should I go with something cheaper?
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