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Hello Guys,

This is my second post, I don't, in fact, own an RSX, but I have been looking at them for a while. Not for the reason many of you may have. I bought a 2008 k24a2 engine in a Locost 7 Build. A Locost 7 Build is a based of the Lotus 7 but built at home on a budget. Hence the name locost 7. Many use a totaled Miata in the Locost 7 builds in America. So not trying to re-invent the wheel I went out and bought a totaled NB 1999 Miata. Only to find out the engine was totally seized. Hence my search for a reasonable cost engine that can reliably make 250whp. At this point, I'll admit I'm a full noob. I know just enough to buy the wrong parts and make some bad decisions.

A little about the locost 7 I'm building. The goal is to make an enjoyable weekend car. I want something I can drive up the local mountain roads or have fun driving to the beach and back. Living in California I have some great weather. What I'm not trying to do is build a race car, or set records. Impressing others isn't my goal. Having fun, making tire smoke, and enjoying an open environment car at lower speeds is my goal. Without killing myself or the bank and reliably would be really nice as well.

I have been teaching SolidWorks for some time and have been designing the car for about 12 months, below are some renderings of my progress. Note: I'm very very far from completing the CAD model let alone the real build.


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