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I have a 2011 Civic Si and my motor recently took a crap on me and I’m wanting to just replace it with another engine that doesn’t require too much down time. Obviously another k20z3 would be the easiest, but I wanted to look at other options as well. So I headed to eBay to have a look around. I’ve run across k24’s and k20’s from Europe and Japan as well. I’ve read that the JDM k20 will work with the exception of needing a CRV passenger side mount and transferring everything from my motor to the JDM motor.
I also found a K20a EuroR and Im looking at that one because it looks like it should just bolt right up, but of course I’m not positive. The guys the 8th gen Civic Facebook page said that this was the place to ask because you guys know everything about k swaps.
Ive also found a k20z3 with a trans, ecu, axles, and wiring harnesses for a decent price that would give me a lot of extra parts. But they won’t have any for a few weeks.
Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
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