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K20-EG understeer?

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For those of you that road race and have K20 EG's, have you noticed severe plowing problems when going through turns? I did. I noticed I have way more understeer than compared to when my B-series engine was in.

I attended the recent Redline Event open track day this past mother's day at Buttonwillow. First time I've been to the track since the K install. I spent most of my time trying to get my suspension to feel right. Currently running ITR fr/rr sway bars and TEIN RS sus. It didn't dawn on me to try and unhook the front ITR swaybar to see how that would handle. The rear end wouldn't rotate like I wanted it to almost not matter what configuration I setup the front or rear. I had excessive plowage when hitting turns, not to mention traction problems..haha from the K torque ouput which was rather neato.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and for any suggestions...
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brian g said:
In case Rubber Chicken wasn't clear on this point, are you describing on-throttle understeer, or off-throttle understeer such as when you turn in? You should have (at least) equivalent or better handling off-throttle at turn in with your K. If not, you have a setup problem. If the problem is on-throttle, it's driver induced and you need to modulate your throttle input.

brian g
katman, i noticed the same thing you did my first session out last weekend (em1 k20r swap)

the k is completely different "FEEL" than any b cept for my built b20 i had.

modulation of the throttle is a definate are not experiencing oversteer due to the car's handling. it is because you are on the gas way too hard! a little lift at the point of push and it should rotate like normal (like having a b or a d)

like brian said it is mostly a throttle induced understeer you have....
like derek said you probably need a wider tire (noticed you were on the new azenia's in other post) THIS WILL DEFINATELY cause an understeer problem.

put some R compound tires on there (i run 225 hoosier) and this will help the problem.

i don't know if you watch my videos or not but if you did those were from the second day on track with the new powerplant.

watching saturday vs sundays race is complete NIGHT and DAY difference in the car. I was FAST on sunday and was still getting use to the car on saturdays' race. you can watch sunday as i put cars lentghs on every one but on saturday i could barely keep up with them coming out of the corners....after watching it was because i was modulating better on sunday than saturday. saturday i was still mashing the gas at apex and understeering like a pig ....sunday it was a roll on throttle type of deal.

still need some more seat time with the new power. daily driving it i would think would help me but since it is my track whore that isn't possible.

hope that helps....

hasport and hondata rock by the way....kpro kicks ass!!! mounts from hasport....can't go wrong with them!
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K2e2vin said:
well with this "torque issue" would it be better to run the Type-S or base Final drive instead of the Type-R one for road race/autocross?

HELL NO.....well not for road race anyways....
i put a 5.01 into my k20 powered ek....

you want to put the power to the ground as fast as possible!!! and gearing is how you do that!!

auto x...possible a lower final drive would help....

but once you figure out how to modulate the throttle coming out of a corner is INSANE in a K powered car!
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